Apr 022013
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All road signs are dictated by the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. The MUTCD for short. If the road is open for public use– a liberal definition that includes the possibility that someone from the public might go there– the MUTCD covers both the installation and maintenance of the sign. The manual is administered by the United States Department of Transportation and can be adopted individually by each state. Most states have adopted the federal version, but some states have made some changes. If you call us, we can share the differences that may exist with your state. Lately, there is an increased focus on bike lanes, so watch for those special lanes, even on the busier roads.

You may never have wondered who it is that makes sense out of all the traffic needs, but I’ll bet you appreciate the fact you only have to memorize one sign shape no matter where you drive in the United States.  As a practical matter, you would recognize the sign shapes even if you drive internationally, but of course the words would look different.

Now that I mentioned the shape word, how about a little game.  Can you match these up?

Can You Match These UP Correctly?

Sign Shape

Be Alert for the Following

1 Diamond A Stop Signs
2 Circle B Yield Signs
3 Square C School Signs
4 Octagon D Pesky speed and parking related signs
5 Pentagon E Construction and other Warning Signs
6 Triangle F Railroad warning signs

Answer Key (Here is hoping you do not need it): 1E, 2F, 3D, 4A, 5C, 6B

Do you see a pattern with regards to the shape?  If the sign is not square, be more alert.  The more sides, the more you should pay attention.

Was that fun?  Would it surprise you to know that color too plays a role?  See if you can match these up.  Definitely going to be a bit more difficult.  Call and ask Tank for a prize if you can do it.

Answer Key: 1J, 2F, 3A, 4I, 5L, 6H, 7B, 8M, 9D, 10K, 11C, 12E, 13G

So you are still interested in learning more?  Here is the link to the MUTCD.  Of course, you can always give us a call at 1-800-329-5366.  Tell them Tank sent you.

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